Is EnterpriseTalkAI Free?

EnterpriseTalkAI offers a free version with limited queries and basic data security features. For unlimited queries and advanced features, we recommend upgrading to our paid plans.

How Do I Use EnterpriseTalkAI?

To activate EnterpriseTalkAI, use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + E or Cmd + Option + E on macOS. This will bring up the EnterpriseTalkAI interface for secure, AI-driven conversations.

How Can I Change the Shortcut Key?

  1. Navigate to Settings by hovering over the EnterpriseTalkAI logo and clicking on “Settings.”
  2. In the “Personalization” panel, set your preferred shortcut key.

How Do I Change the Language?

  1. Go to Settings, accessible via the EnterpriseTalkAI logo.
  2. Select your desired language in the “Personalization” panel.

Why Does EnterpriseTalkAI Require Accessibility Permissions?

To provide quick actions and prevent the need for copy-pasting, EnterpriseTalkAI requires accessibility permissions. Rest assured, your data is secure and only sent to the server when you choose to apply AI commands.

How Does EnterpriseTalkAI Ensure Data Security?

The security and privacy of our users are our top priorities. EnterpriseTalkAI is designed with privacy in mind and follows strict security protocols. For more details, please refer to our [privacy policy](Your Privacy Policy URL).

I Cannot Open EnterpriseTalkAI.exe. What Should I Do?

If you encounter issues while trying to open the application, you may need to run it with administrator privileges.

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